How to use your stamp

  • To help get the stamp inked, pick the stamp up and push the bottom part of the stamp up and down quickly several times with your hand that’s not holding the stamp. Then try the stamp on a sheet of printer/copy paper several times. It is always best to do this each time before using.

  • For an even impression, use one hand when stamping. Pressing down at the center of the stamp works best.

  • You may need to hold the stamp down for a few seconds, but don’t use too much pressure.

  • Stamp one envelope at a time on a flat surface.

  • When stamping on an envelope, fold the flap out from underneath each time you stamp. Putting a piece of paper or cardstock under the envelope may help.

When stamping on glossy, metallic or coated papers, the ink sits on the surface and can smear. Allow the ink to dry before touching. Be sure to test one envelope first before stamping multiples.

If you have any issues, please contact us so we can help you. We test all stamps before shipping as a quality check.


How to re-ink your stamp's ink pad

You'll know the ink pad needs re-inked when the impression starts to look light. Turn the stamp to the back. Push the stamp down slightly. Using your thumb and index finger, pull the pad out. Flip the pad over and add 5-10 drops of ink to the pad. Once the ink has absorbed, flip the pad back over so the inked side is down, press down on the stamp slightly, and insert the pad back in to the stamp. Please ONLY use a water-based ink. We sell bottles of ink here.


How to re-ink your pre-inked stamp

Remove the holder from the stamp. Use the ink bottle to add five drops of ink to each refill hole in the stamp. Put the holder back on the stamp. Immediately after refilling the ink, keep the stamp facing down until the ink begins to flow from the stamp. After refilling the ink, be sure to put the cap back on the refill ink bottle.

Be extremely careful when adding ink! Do not use ink other than that specified, otherwise the stamp may be damaged. If too much ink is added, it may start leaking from the stamp's surface. In that case, make a test stamp on scrap paper to remove any excess ink.